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 3. GQ EMF EF Meter RF Spectrum Power Analyzer
 How to measure bioenergie with the GQ EMF meter ?
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Posted - 07/28/2020 :  22:26:15  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
How to measure bioenergie with the GQ EMF meter ?

Hello there,

I purchased the GQ EMF-390 in order to measure energies around me and energies emanating from my own body. I am trying to figure out a procedure to measure such energies, bioenergies. I'm also interested in measuring ESP ELM waves (ESP as Extra Sensory Phenonema) with this device.

The other day, I had the EMF meter close to a piece of 25 cents. I focused intensely on it with the goal of lifting it through psychokinesis. The piece didn't move, or if it ever did, it was at a micro level I couldn't detect with my vision. What is interesting though is that the EMF Meter sometimes offered sudden variations and those variations were high. I took a video while doing the experience and made screenshots of some of the unusual measures. I wonder why it mainly only affected RF ? I am including the screenshots with the data and you will find the timing of each segment in the picture name.

Tonight, I recorded an intent because I have been procrastinating to finish my last calculus integral examen. I noticed the EMF Meter was going a bit crazy while I was listening to my recorded intent. The recording was edited with a cyborg voice and lower pitch, it sounds very deep and I would guess quite hypnotic. Oh ! I also used a music visualizer app called Staella on my iphone, with which I added a very cool reverberation effect. I took my earphones (small ear buds) close to the meter detection sensors and I read insane levels of increased ELM energy detection. Inside 30 seconds, I took 4 screenshots, with the lowest reading at 141.3 mG all up to a peak of 218.9 mG. Isn't it high ? What could be causing such huge ELM fields in this case ? A normal measure is usually around 0.5 uG.

I also used the Staella app with its cool visualizer and reverberation delay in sounds stimuli recorded by the microphone from my iphone. I holded it close to my heart, the speakers through which you speak that is, and applied pressure until I heard my heart beating and a sound, similar to being underwater, would rise and the EMF Meter would flash like crazy. I tried with the solar plexus region, similar reaction and than 2 inches below my navel, at the Hara, and I could hear the rythmn within the energy center in my stomach... I had similar results with all spots where chakras are supposed to be located. I couldn't reproduce the results at will. The other day, only a high pitching sound from my hara, solar plexus and the heart sometimes could be produced. I also noticed increased police sirens and sudden rush of human activity when doing those experiences. Sadly, I didn't took pictures because I couldn't because my iphone was used to produce the effect, with the EMF Meter over it.

My iphone discharged at an extremely high rate while doing my latest experience, the one with my intent. Am I getting legitimate results or am I doing experiences which can be explained rationally, what are possible sources of errors ? Where could I find informations to further my research with measuring bioenergies ?

I believe consciousness to be an energy that interact deeply with our physical universe. But it seems to like to play hide and seek. I was focusing on various colours and noted down 3 readings for each colour, almost every time, I got close readings,for bright yellow, 0.095 mW/m^2 three times in a row. But right when I would focus on the measure on the EMF Meter screen, it would change. Red also offered the highest EF with 74 V/m, going down from about 1 V/m per colour, with 64 V/m for indigo. Could we convert those units in colours energies ?...

This little device is really fun and affordable at least!

Any input would be appreciated, thank you and good night!
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Posted - 08/03/2020 :  10:55:24  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The EMF is coming from the speaker/earphone. The higher the sound, the higher the EMF.
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